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Tool for genealogy research.


23rd April, 2004

6th April, 2004

9th March, 2004

6th February, 2004

21th January, 2004

GenTle 0.2.3 is released. This release doesn't bring any new features but saves all changes before CVS branching. From now, I will work on 0.3.x series that will bring new feature. Please keep in mind that GenTle is still under development and is not very stable. I want to implement some more new features and then I will pay my attantion to testing and bug corrections. At this time, it is better to offer software with a lot of functionality and bugs then to have a piece of stable code that does nothing. All right now, I will implement some more functionality (two or three releases?) and then I will test GenTle and correct all bugs I find. If you find some bug, please report it! You save a lot of effort and time reporting me a bug. Thank you :-)..

21th January, 2004

I have created special report web page where I will mention weekly status of CVS and status of my work. Information about releases and other important info will be introduced here. The reason is to separate important information from usual messages about CVS status.

14th January, 2004

11th December, 2003

17th September, 2003

READ CAREFULLY! GenTle's code in CVS is very experimental now! I am in state of implementation "multiple-project" mode and the quick-prototype can be found in CVS now. This will take some time, I quess it will be finished in three months. Please be patient, I am doing GenTle in my free time so I cannot do any reliable planning of release. IAC I will write news here about GenTle's CVS state so you can see how the work proceeds. I will make a release (0.2.1) after the work is done. Some new other features will be introduced as well. To experiment with GenTle you can do the following:

But in ANY case, do *NOT* create any sensitive or meaningfull data with GenTle since data formats that GenTle uses are changing now so that it will fit needs of miltiple-project approach. This data will *NOT* be compatible with the present format.
I am doing my best to be quick enough so that I can be back ASAP with new release. Please be patient, I am the only one :-). Thank you.

1st September, 2003

21st August, 2003

First version of web pages. It is also under heavy development :-).

8th August, 2003

First release of GenTle. This release is just for having idea how the tool works AND/OR for developers who would like to join the project. This tool is under heavy development so next releases come soon. enjoy;-).


GenTle Copyright(c) 2003 - 2004 by Josef Novak.