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Tool for genealogy research.


  • Main window with family tree.
  • Individual dialog. This is used to edit information about a person.
  • Editing Personal Information. Place selection tab.
  • Event dialog. This is used for editin information about person's events.
  • Resource dialog. This is used for managing resources.
  • Source Edit dialog.
  • Citation Edit dialog.
  • Media Viewer of Source/Citation dialogs.
  • Place dialog. This is used for place's management.
  • Place Edit dialog.
  • Research dialog.
  • Research Objective dialog.
  • Research Activity dialog.
  • GenTle Configuration dialog.
  • Project Configuration dialog.
  • Find dialog. Find Person panel.
  • Find dialog. Find Event panel.
  • Data Browser.


GenTle Copyright(c) 2003 - 2004 by Josef Novak.