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Tool for genealogy research.


GenTle is a free computer package, covered by the terms of the GNU General Public Licence. It is designed for genealogy research, creating and managing genealogy data, family tree creating and exporting all information to different formats.

An Open System

The system is completely free in all senses of the word and utilises other free software solutions, ensuring no unpleasant licence costs to users and most importantly ensuring your rights and freedoms to open standards, open file formats/protocols and the ongoing guarantee unfair terms will never be put upon you whilst you use the system. For more information on the Free Software movement in general, visit the Free Software Foundation.

Supported Platforms

Currently, GenTle is supported on:

In fact, it shouldn't be a problem to port GenTle to any platform where Qt and all other libraries used are supported. I do *NOT* support any M$ platform by myself and I do *NOT* plan to do so. BUT I do not forbid to do so, even I would be glad if someone is willing to do the porting job for M$ platforms, OS/2, MacOS, etc. The reason why I do *NOT* support M$ platforms is simple: I don't have any such a machine and I do not plan to pay a penny to M$ for licences. If you want to do the porting job and you are willing to share sources/binaries, write me an e-mail (joseph(DOT)novak(AT)seznam(DOT)cz).

Special thanks

I would like to say thanks to


GenTle Copyright(c) 2003 - 2004 by Josef Novak.