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Tool for genealogy research.


Multiple-project approach

GenTle is designed to handle a set of projects. A researcher can work on many projects stored in project depository. Several data can be shared between all project stored in project depository so researcher can enter this data only once and use it in all projects. Following data is considered as shared:

Genealogical data

This tool enables:

Find functionality

This tool enables:

File saving, loading and exporting

This tool enables:

Resource management

This tool enables:

Places management

This tool enables:

Research management

This tool enables:

Surety schemes

This tool enables to assign a level of surety to the information. Level of surety is expressed by Surety scheme part (SSP). A set of SSPs forms Surety scheme (SS). User can define as much SSs as she wants. Within each SS, user can define an arbitrary number of SSPs. This ensures fine granularity, scalability and modularity in surety level description.

Family management

This tool enables to manage information about families. Family records are created automatically during building of family tree, but user has possibility to add several kind of information (e.g. notes) on families. This tool enables to display and manage all families in the system or just for one selected person.

Groups management

This tool enables to create and manage common groups of persons. A lot of information can be introduced for group, e.g. its members, parent groups, citations, mail, e-mail, URI information, etc. This tool enables to display all groups in the system or just for one selected person.

Data browsing

This tool enables to browse gathered information with hypertext navigation. In this way, convenient browsing of information is provided.

Genealogical graphs

GenTle enables to display genealogical graphs for selected persons. Following graphs are supported:


GenTle provides user with possibility of person navigation. You can seek several person types for specified person. Following actions are supported:


This tool provides:


This tool provides:

Planned features

There is a lot of planned features. Note that this tool is under heavy development and its life just begun. First releases have functionality limited to the basic features but the functions of this tool increase quite quickly. Here you have some planned features:


GenTle Copyright(c) 2003 - 2004 by Josef Novak.