Relations between persons

You can create single persons now, with information about them. How to create relations between this persons? Simply. Click right mouse button on a person you want to relate to another person and select relation type from context menu. Lets create marriage relation. If you select Marriage from the context menu, cursor changes its shape and you are expected to select second person of marriage relation. Just click with left mouse button on the person's rectangle of such a person. Event dialog appears with some predefined values. In this case, you have two participants in Participants tab defined. You can edit the information and press Ok button if you are finished. As you can see, line is created between this person to represent a relation between them. GenTle enables to display different lines for different relations so you can see very quickly whether persons are married or in parent -- child relation or what. You are able to configure this behavior but solid green line is shown for marriage relation per default.

Now create another person. We will try to specify parent -- child relation. You can do it in the similar way how you did it with marriage. Specify Father or Mother, as you wish, but GenTle takes care about gender of person you select for father or mother and don't allow you to specify male for mother and vice versa a female for father. The order of specifying persons for this relation is not important since GenTle tries to determine father and child person automatically. This can be done if birth dates are specified for both persons. In the case that GenTle is not able to determine parent automatically, it offers a dialog where from you can determine parent. In other words, you are specifying relation so it is not important if you click firsts on father or child person when specifying father -- child relation.

If you want to delete relation, click on person that takes part in this relation with right mouse button and select sub-menu Delete from context menu. Select type of relation to be deleted and specify second person of the relation. Doing so, all data associated with this relation will be deleted from all persons.