Family trees

GenTle provides functionality for creating and editing of family trees and enables to enter information for persons and events. You can add a person, enter a lot of information about this person and create relations to another persons. You can do it in GenTle's main window.


To add a person, you can use appropriate tool-bar button, menu item or just use shortcut Alt-P. Individual Record dialog appears. It consists of several tabs; I will mention them in short.

If you are finished with editing information about person, press Ok button on Individual Record dialog. Dialog is closed and cursor changes its shape. This means you are expected to select location of persons rectangle. Do so and press left mouse button. Person's rectangle appears on canvas displaying some information about person. Color of rectangle depends on gender of a person you have specified. These colors are configurable (see section Settings for more information). Name of a person and date of birth and death will be also shown in person's rectangle, if specified. You can move person's rectangle by moving mouse whilst holding left button pressed. To edit person's data, double-click the person's rectangle with left mouse button.