As you have noted, dates of birth and death are shown in the person's rectangle, if specified. How to do so? Both, birth and death, are considered as events. To specify it you need to create and event for a person. Ok, let's have a rock'n roll. Double click your person on canvas with left mouse button and go to Events tab. You will see a table of events related to person. Press Add button and Event dialog appears. It has also a lot of tabs, some of them we already know since we have seen them in Individual Record dialog. I will mention only some of them.

Well, you have information now, how to create events, including birth and death events. In the similar way you can create all another events offered by Event dialog.


Even if you specify death date, it can be invisible in person's rectangle. This may happen if you specify that person is living. You can change it by changing dead status of a person from General tab on Individual Record dialog. For living person, you cannot have date of death displayed.