Before I will describe first steps in GenTle, I pay some attention to depository. This structure is very important and wrong handling can corrupt all data stored in it.

Depository is a directory where all project and shared data is stored. Nearly everything in the depository directory is managed by GenTle and you don't need to do anything by hand there. You don't even know where this directory is placed. There are some operations that you can do with depository manually but these are exceptions and will be mentioned later.

All data the GenTle works with is and must be stored in depository. It is done automatically when you create new project. For each project, a directory is created in depository directory. Project directory consists of project name and project ID as extension. It contains several files

Depository directory contains special directory called GENTLE. This directory contains shared data, e.g. contacts, research, places, IDs etc. You can use this shared data in all projects stored in depository. How it helps you will be written in respective sections.

It is important to mention dangerous operations with depository directory now. This is of crucial importance since you can successfully damage all your data stored in depository doing of of the following

As I have mentioned above, there are some special activities you can do in depository directory safely