First start of GenTle

The behavior of GenTle is little bit different when it is executed for the first time. First of all, it creates directory with global settings. This directory is located in the user's home directory and is named .gentle. You will find gentlerc file in this directory, that contains GenTle's global settings.

Then, you will be asked to specify depository directory. You can enter either existing directory or create one. But it is not a good idea to enter existing directory that already contains some data other not related to GenTle. You will be asked to specify depository directory any time when GenTle will not be able to determine it from settings. If you want to specify another depository directory, you can do this via settings dialog. How to handle settings is described in the Section called Configuring GenTle in the chapter called Settings>.

If depository directory is specified, GenTle will be started and you can start working with it.