Work-flow with GenTle


After you execute GenTle for the first time as mentioned above, you can start working with it. First thing you may want to do is to specify Contacts.

Contacts are used to keep a track who entered information, who changed it etc. The GenTle works in semi-multiple-user mode now. It means that more users can work with GenTle even in the same depository and with the same project but the problem is the concurrency. This is still not supported by GenTle but I will implement concurrency in the future. At this time, more than one user can work with GenTle's depository but not in the same time. Contacts can be used in this case to enter information about provider of data.

Execute Contacts dialog to enter contact (you can do so from menu or from tool-bar). You will see a table where all contacts are gathered. You can add, edit or delete contacts in this table. you can provide a lot of information for every contact regarding name, addresses, phone numbers etc. When contact is specified, it appears in the Contact combo-box and you can select it from this combo-box.

Contacts are shared in all projects stored in depository so you don't need to enter contacts for each project.