Data Browser

During work with GenTle, you can enter a lot of information about persons, events and many other entities. To have better look at the gathered information, GenTle provides Data Browser. It is used to view data in hypertext format (actually HTML is used) with all navigation functionality like forward, backward, home, etc.

Data Browser dialog can be opened either from canvas view or from dialogs. To view information about a person, just right-click on a person and select Data menu item from View menu. You can execute Data Browser window from respective dialog as well using View button (this button is present on e.g. Search dialogs, Event dialog, Resource dialogs, etc.

Data Browser window is implemented as stand-alone window so you don't need to close it when you want to work with other windows or dialogs. If you will open Data Browser for a person and the you will try to open it for another person without closing it, Data Browser will display correct data with possibility to get to the previous data using Back button. But in any case, only one Data Browser window can be opened in GenTle. If you close GenTle, this window will be closed as well.

During browsing information, you can click on links to get more information about entities. You can use Forward, Backward or Home tool-bar buttons to get one page forward, backward or to display the very first page. To re-generate actual page, you can use Refresh tool-bar button. This is useful in cases that information you are browsing is changed. GenTle caches information in that way that whenever you press Forward, Backward or Home button, already generated page is used instead or re-generating it. But since the information can be already out of date, you can force re-generating it again using Refresh button.