Canvas handling

GenTle enables to place persons on canvas and visualize relations between them. In addition to this, GenTle provides user with possibility to move persons and provide some operations over them. This chapter describes, how you can handle persons on canvas.

GenTle provides usual way for selecting and moving persons placed on canvas. You can select a person by clicking a left mouse button over it and you can move it by dragging it while left mouse button is pressed. If you click with right mouse button over a person, context menu appears and you can select operation from it you want to perform with selected person.

GenTle enables to select multiple persons and provide some operations over set of persons as well. You have several possibilities how to select a group of persons. First of all, you can use rectangular selection. Press left mouse button over empty canvas and drag the mouse. Rectangular selection is drawn. When left mouse button is released, all persons within rectangle are selected. Another possibility is to click on persons with left mouse button while holding Shift key pressed. If you select two persons in that way, these two persons determine rectangle. All persons within the rectangle will be selected. The last possibility how to select more persons is to click on persons with left mouse button while holding Control key. If a person is not selected, it will be selected and vice versa, selected person will be unselected in this case. You can combine all the ways together; for instance you can use rectangular selection to select a group of persons and then unselect some of them using Control key and left mouse button.

As mentioned before, you can perform some operation over selected group of persons. You can move it together or delete all persons in the group. To move persons, select a group, press left mouse button over one of selected person and drag the mouse. If you want to delete all selected persons, just use menu/tool-bar or context menu to select deletion operation. Confirmation dialog is shown and if you answer Yes to it, all selected persons will be deleted.

GenTle provides user with possibility to scroll the canvas quickly. You can use middle mouse button to center or scroll the view. If you click with middle mouse button on canvas, the point you selected becomes center of the view. In the case that you press the middle mouse button and drag the mouse, canvas is scrolled in the direction you move the mouse. This functionality will help you to move around conveniently.