Search for events

To search for events, select Find Event tab on Find dialog. You can enter date of event you want to search for, mode of search and type of event. If you specify Unknown for event type, all event types will match. Following modes for event search are defined:

If you specify no search data, all events will match. This is a way how you can search for all events.

Pressing Search button on Find dialog will start the search. If there are any events that match condition, they will appear in the Result tree-view. You will find there an event as a root item and all participants to this event as child item of the event item. Additional information about event and participant is shown as well. You can select either event or person and press Edit button to edit event or person.


Any change of event's or person's data done via Edit button will not be visible in the Result tree-view since this would be confusing for the user. In any case, data change will take effect on canvas view and in data structures, i.e. this is usual and legal way how to edit data.


You can see other buttons, like Go To or View, on Find Event panel. These buttons are dummy at this time, but their functionality will be implemented in the future.