First of all

This is a mini user manual. It is mini due to the fact that GenTle is under heavy development and (i) writing exhaustive user manual will take some time and (ii) functionality is growing quite fast so it make not much sense to write about it a lot of text. This document will help you to start with GenTle, it will tell you what you can expect from it. I will write exhaustive user manual later.

As stated above, GenTle is under heavy development. Please keep in mind that, due to this fact, it is not stable, contains several bugs that can cause crash of application and that data formats being used can change. I am working on GenTle intensively to implement as much functionality as possible and I am not testing this application very exhaustively. I will perform testing and bug corrections later to make GenTle more stable but at this time, I correct only these bugs that I find during implementation and quick testing.


If you will find a bug, please report it to me. This is very important to know about bugs so that I can correct them (or you can correct it by yourself and send me the correction). See the chapter called How to report a bug> for more details.