Genealogical graphs

GenTle enables to display several kinds of genealogical graphs for your project. Following graphs are supported:

Family Tree is a graph where all conjugal male descendants of the the first known family member are displayed. Descendants of single daughters are included in this graph. Wedlock or adopted children of sons are not included.

When GenTle is going to display family tree for some person, it determines the founder of family automatically and displays whole family tree. That means that a person for that the family tree is to be displayed must not be the very first person of family tree, but it can be a part of family tree.

Lineage graph displays all descendants born from selected person. All descendants (conjugal and wedlock) are displayed in this graph but not adopted children.

Ancestry graph displays all ancestors of selected person. in other words it includes all persons that participated in person's birth. Only parents of each person are displayed, if any.

Consanguinity male is graph where all conjugal male descendants of selected person are displayed, descendants of single daughters included. Wedlock and adopted children on male descendants are not included in this graph. This graph is constructed in the same way as family tree diagram is, but this is not done for the very first known ancestor, but for the selected person.

Consanguinity female is graph where all female descendants of selected person are displayed, wedlock children included. Adopted children are not shown in this graph.

If you want to display a genealogical graph, just select person and graph type. To select graph type, you can use menu/tool-bar button or select it from context menu in View menu. To show all persons again, use menu/tool-bar button or use context menu executed over empty canvas (not over a person).


If you want to display, for instance, family tree for specified person and then, for example, ancestry graph for the same person, you don't need to show all persons meanwhile. What you need to display a graph is just a visible person that you select.