Export to GEDCOM files

GenTle enables to export content of project to GEDCOM file formats. Following GEDCOM formats are supported:

If you want to export your project to GEDCOM file, select respective menu item in File-->Export menu. GenTle will ask you for location and name of the output file and the it will export your project data to this file.


Please keep in mind that whenever you export content of your project to one of GEDCOM files, you will loose some information. This is (mostly) not a bug. GenTle can manage more information than it is regarded in GEDCOM files. For instance, research information or surety schemes are not exported to any GEDCOM file. There is no complete list of which information is omitted during export to GEDCOM files, but I can provide on demand. If you want me to write such an information here, feel free to write me an e-mail.

In addition to this, GEDCOM 5.5 export functionality is in a (little bit) experimental state, so if you face some problem, let me know about it.